Make Your Schoolyear Great with Apartments for Medical School in Kalamazoo

If you are enrolled for classes at Western Michigan University’s Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, you can find the perfect home with apartments for medical school in Kalamazoo from Gilmore Apartments. Offering the best location, amenities, and more, Gilmore Apartments is a great choice for anyone taking classes in downtown Kalamazoo who wants to experience downtown living that truly feels like home.

Easy walking

With Gilmore Apartments, you have access to housing that is within a short walking distance of Western’s School of Medicine! Only a few blocks away, you can easily get to your classes without having to worry about long bus rides, driving in, or any other hassles that come with travel. And, when classes are over, you can be relaxing back at home in no time. And, if you need groceries, entertainment, or almost anything else, downtown Kalamazoo has everything else also close by, so you’re always within a short walk of whatever you might need.

Comfortable living

As a newer apartment with a good amount of amenities offered to every resident, Gilmore Apartments makes sure our students have a comfortable environment that’s perfect for studying and relaxing  when not at classes. Apartments for medical school in Kalamazoo should be somewhere that’s comforting to come back home to every day after long lectures and labs, and Gilmore Apartments can give you just that. And, with electronic security and resident-only access cards, you can go to frequent classes with no concerns about the safety of your home.

When you need modern downtown living that can give you access to your schooling at WMU’s Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, Gilmore Apartments is the perfect option. Within walking distance and with plenty of amenities offered, you are sure to find your new home here. Give us a call or reach out on our contact page to learn more!