Find Your New Home with Downtown Apartments in Kalamazoo

Whether you’ve been hired into a new job in the greater Kalamazoo area or are simply looking for a city to move to that is full of great opportunities and experiences, downtown apartments in Kalamazoo with Gilmore Apartments can be your new home. Offering all the comforts of 1-bedroom and studio apartments located in a downtown setting, Gilmore Apartments is the perfect place to move into.

Modern living

When you move into Gilmore Apartments, not only do you get all the great benefits of living in a downtown area that has many different offers, you also get a modern apartment with all the latest amenities, utilities, and more. Recently constructed to professional standards, Gilmore Apartments are fresh and ready for tenants looking for that new, modern feel in their living.

Living downtown

Downtown Kalamazoo has plenty of options available for those interested in getting out and participating in their downtown community. When you move to our downtown apartments in Kalamazoo, all these options are conveniently located nearby so you can experience them whenever the time is right for you. Within walking or biking distance to many of the best downtown restaurants, breweries and bars, museums and theaters, festival sites, and more, you can be surrounded by all your favorite activities and locations in downtown Kalamazoo.

The right space

Gilmore Apartments offers both studio apartments and 1-bedroom apartments, so those looking to move into a downtown area can get the amount of space they’re comfortable with. If you live simpler, studio apartments can be the perfect space for you to come home to every day. If you’d prefer more space to have others over or live with a significant other, our 1-bedroom apartments offer a great space to live and spend time with others.

Bringing the comforts of downtown living with modern apartments in Kalamazoo, Gilmore Apartments can be the new place you call home. Contact us today to see what we have available or learn more!